Lockdown Ki Love Story Serial Star Plus Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Above all else, praise to Producer Rashmi Sharma and Star Plus to have thought about an idea and story line that fringes around the consuming issue of COVID-19 that has taken the whole Nation and humankind by storm. Furthermore, to address this issue and think of an amazingly cheerful, happy sentimental dramatization show is in itself an extraordinary move!!

Lockdown Ki Love Story Serial Star Plus Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv
Lockdown Ki Love Story Serial Star Plus Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

Lockdown Ki Love Story more or less is an idea that can just bring grins!! A complete family show which discusses the way of life conflict between the groups of an Allahabadi kid and a Mumbai-reared young lady who are particularly enamored.

The greatest in addition to purpose of the show lies in its portrayal. The distinct differentiations given to the kid’s family when contrasted with the young lady’s family in their conduct, perspective and convictions makes seeing all the all the more energizing.

Dhruv Jaiswal (Mohit Malik) who is a bonehead from Allahabad works in Mumbai. He has discovered his beauty queen in Sonam Goel (Sana Sayyad) who is completely washed in Mumbai culture from head to foot. Both of them intend to get hitched and have taken assent of their families. Sonam’s plan to have a pre-wedding shoot in Allahabad carries Sonam and her family to Dhruv’s place.

At this point, the Nation faces an all out lockdown as proposed by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to handle the COVID-19 emergency. This puts to a sudden end the exercises arranged by Sonam and Dhruv as a feature of their shoot plan.

All that the two families are left to adapt up to under one rooftop, possibly demonstrates to a gigantic confuse with regards to the manner by which the two families think.

Moving to Dhruv’s family – Shashikant Jaiswal (Vijay Kumar) is attached to his way of life and convictions. Spouse Nutan Jaiswal (Jayati Bhatia) in a real sense makes major decisions in the house, but at the same time is limited and conscious as a wife. Ashutosh Tiwari and Deepika Upadhyay play Dhruv’s senior sibling and spouse. Ananya Agarwal plays the more youthful sister of Dhruv. Ananya Khare plays Dhruv’s bua Sheetal who is again unbending regarding society.

Rakesh Kukreti is Prathap Goel, the patriarch of the Goel family. Kashish Duggal Paul is Subhadra Goel, Sonam’s mom. Nazia Hasan and Ravin Makhija are Sonam’s kin. Prathap is a common Mumbaiite who puts stock in carrying on with a complex existence with a cheerful demeanor. His significant other experiences had a lot of difficulty living with the man, and has felt disregarded. She needs her girl to get into an adoring and caring family.

Dhruv is a blockhead who regards seniors to the ‘T’. He is his folks’ pride and very understands that he needs to follow his folks’ strides at all social statuses. He makes an honest effort to adjust between his way of life unbending mother and the cheerful Sonam and her reasoning. Dhruv loves Sonam a ton yet additionally needs to ensure that she finds a way into the ‘obedient girl in-law’ section that his folks wish for.

Sonam is a free fledgling. She accepts that she ought not shroud anything to persuade an individual. She doesn’t consent to the well established traditions of a young lady to-be-marry having to know it all to deal with her home. She is an always grinning, satisfying young lady who is absolutely infatuated with Dhruv. Nonetheless, she discovers his musings not associating with hers concerning the family stuff and assumptions that he conveys.

Moving to their romantic tale, single word to portray it is ‘astonishing’!! Both of them have love composed everywhere on their countenances. They may have been raised in an unexpected way, holding various musings, yet their arrangement is right on the money. They are a couple who you will very much want to watch on TV!!

The idea in general is a sheer performer. The lovey-dovey snapshots of Dhruv and Sonam are great to watch. Their scene on the patio where they get found in the act, their tea making scene, and the way in which both of them take a gander at one another, converse with one another are so charming. As a watcher, you make certain to experience passionate feelings for them!!

Discussing exhibitions, this must be a job Mohit Malik fans were sitting tight for!! In the wake of playing the enthusiastic dad of two young ladies in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Mohit has demonstrated his flexibility again by going all-out in the sentiment zone. He’s putting his best self forward. Obviously, his demeanors as the darling kid are shocking.

Sana Sayyad as Sonam Goel, again a job that is a complete difference to her last appearance in Divya Drashti. Sana is a sheer enjoyment to watch. An awesome entertainer, she is winning hearts without a doubt.

Most importantly, the science of Mohit Malik and Sana Sayyad rocks and their romantic tale during lockdown is positively the best thing to have occurred for TV during lockdown.

Jayati Bhatia is a stunning entertainer and she demonstrates it once more. The mother-child bond is excellent to watch. Vijay Kumar is again a stupendous entertainer. His exchange conveyance makes his job so exceptionally uncommon. Ananya Khare is again mysterious as the Bua. Give her any job and she can capture everyone’s attention and she demonstrates it once more.

Rakesh Kukreti glances grandly attractive in this job. He is working admirably. Kashish Duggal Paul looks stunning and is acceptable in her job.

Shot under one single rooftop as of now, inferable from the lockdown idea, the producers have given their best regarding quality.

By and large, a connecting with romantic tale got in the midst of culture conflict. This show is promising and will do well with verbal. Splendid exhibitions will likewise increase the value of the show.

Lockdown Ki Love Story Serial Star Plus

Lockdown Ki Love Story Serial Star Plus Review Interesting Elements On Apne Tv

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